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Feeling hungry 🥩? Or just love food? Either way, our gallery of food emoji is the perfect tool for you!

Search for food emoji characters in this gallery: breakfast, bread, fast food, Chinese, Japanese, meat, fruit, vegetables, cakes and sweets, beer and wine, utensils. Our Text Editors & Converters provides an extensive Food Emoji gallery that is a cool and super-easy free copy and paste online tool.

It provides fun🤪 results for all social media sites, including; Twitter🐦, Facebook|𝗳|, Instagram🤳, Snapchat and many more➕ and 🙴 messaging📩 apps too.

Our food🥪 emoji collection not🤞 only helps🆘 you🖕 add➕ colour and curiosity to your👈 social media posts📮, stories and comments but✋ helps🆘 you🖕 visually spell out conversations and thoughts💭 with your👈 friends👬. The food🥪 emoji collection is part of our extensive library of Emoji Pickers at TextEditor™.

The entire range of emojis is quite impressive; whatever you are thinking or searching for, we have it! We have galleries for animals, people, yellow faces, activities, objects, symbols and many more. It is straightforward to use - simply pick the emoji gallery from the picker, choose your emoji that suits the need, then simply copy and paste it wherever, whenever. It’s easy and fun to use!

Our awesome gallery of 105+ food items includes everything from - salad, vegetables, fruit, sushi, cakes and sweets, to fast food, Mexican, Italian, meats, Asian, and many more...try them today.

Why Do We Use Emojis?

Apart from the obvious - that they are easy and informal to use, a study shows that using food and beverage emojis creates an emotional response, in particular sensory and business to consumer fields.

Personally expressing your👈 love❤️ of food🥪, or⇄ what you🖕 would like👍 to eat🌭, or⇄ what you🖕 are currently eating🌭 at certain mealtimes, such as; breakfast, lunch or⇄ dinner is intriguing to many. It is more➕ likely to attract more➕ attention❗ than if you🖕 didn’t include food🥪 emojis, simply because everyone adores food🥪!


Certain months have a popular emoji, such as December the Christmas tree is used more often, or devil, ghosts and skulls in October for Halloween. However, Birthday cake and pizza slices are the most-used food emojis year-round!

Browse our extensive gallery of food emojis from our awesome emoji picker at Text Editor. Choose from world cuisines, fruit, vegetables and salads, fast food, snacks, sweets and desserts, beverages and many more! We can help you express your thoughts or hunger, through emojis.

Try our free🆓 tool🛠 today📆 and be impressed how easy, quick🐇 and fun it is!