Zero Width Joiner (ZVJ) Emojis

Not recommended to use them.
The emojis below are composed of two or three joined characters from the list above using the ‍ (zero width joiner) character.
For example: 🤹‍♀️  =  🤹‍♀️

🧗‍♀️   🧗‍♂️   🧘‍♀️   🧘‍♂️   🏌️‍♂️   🏌️‍♀️   🏄‍♂️   🏄‍♀️   🚣‍♂️   🚣‍♀️   🏊‍♂️   🏊‍♀️   ⛹️‍♂️   ⛹️‍♀️   🏋️‍♂️   🏋️‍♀️   🚴‍♂️   🚴‍♀️   🚵‍♂️   🚵‍♀️   🤸‍♂️   🤸‍♀️   🤼‍♂️   🤼‍♀️   🤽‍♂️   🤽‍♀️   🤾‍♂️   🤾‍♀️   🤹‍♂️   🤹‍♀️


Music Characters


Activity Emoji Picker ⛹ Sports 🎭 Arts 🎹 Music

Search for activity emojis by name or by category: Sports🏂, medals🥇, balls⚽, arts🎭 and music🎼 for you to choose from and express yourself. Want to describe what activity you are doing without having to spell it out? Simple! Use our activity emoji gallery.

Text Editors & Converters is a cool and super-easy free online copy and paste tool. The Activity Emoji gallery is part of an extensive emoji picker tool that also includes yellowface emojis😏, animal emojis🐵, food 🍲, people 👨, objects and many more! Hover your mouse above the second menu item to reveal the categories.

It produces awesome results for all social media platforms, including; Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and many more plus messenger services.

Our emoji activity gallery not only helps you enhance social media posts, stories and comments but visually spells out your conversations with your friends. Try it today on Text Editor, the free copy and paste tool.

Our emoji activity gallery is easy to use - simply pick the action that perfectly describes what you are looking for, then simply copy and paste it wherever, whenever. It’s easy and fun to use!

Our impressive gallery of hundreds💯 of activity emojis😍 can produce the perfect✅ message visually. Listening👂 to music🎶? Going🚶 to the gym🏋? Playing🤹 a specific sport or⇄ participating in an activity? Simple - spell it out. Try it today📆 - simply search🔍 by name and enter⎆ your👈 phrase in the input above🆙 to see👀 the results.

Why Are (Activity) Emojis So Popular?

Professor of linguistics and language expert, Vyvyan Evans states that emojis are so popular, for example, activity emojis, simply because it is the digital equivalent of body language. It is a form of digital communication, imitating and catching up with real-life communication.

Take a look at an example of the activity emojis we offer in our gallery; music symbols, musical instruments such as; violin, keyboard, saxophone, guitar, drums and many more to choose from!

Sports such as; horse racing, skiing, snowboarding, golf, cycling, wrestling, water polo and many more to choose from!

Activities including the circus, military medals, sports medals & awards, football, rugby, tennis, bowling, martial arts and many more to choose from!

Where To Use Emojis?

Although they are a popular form of communication and enhancement of social posts, it is best to keep it out of the office so to speak. Simply because a study shows that 29% think it makes colleagues look unprofessional.

Keeping it for family, friends and fun situations .i.e., social media and informal conversations, is best!

Try our free tool, and be impressed how easy, quick and awesome it is!