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Convert your text to Braille, Morse, NATO Phonetic, Semaphore and ASL sign languages instantly.

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Text To Symbol Converter tool by Text Editor is a fun and super-easy and free generator/converter to copy and paste online.

It generates awesome text to symbol styles for social media platforms such as; Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, Snapchat and other social media platforms as well as messaging servers such as WhatsApp.

The text to symbol generator tool will take your inputted text and convert into Braille, Morse code, NATO phonetics, semaphore and ASL sign language.

Simply enter any text you want to be converted to symbol style and our converter tool will instantly convert your message into an awesome and visually appealing new version of your original text.

This game-changing tool is just for fun! Text to symbol font text and effects for Facebook and Instagram and all other social media platforms are continuing to be a popular trend. A special effect font can make your post text or comments stand out so much more!

These fonts will be sure to impress your followers and friends too.

The text to symbol font converter tool offers the ability to also further customise your unique texts with a side panel editing tool that features on our website. Not only can you change the colour, but the size of the text and the font, plus bold/normal options too - making the possibilities endless when it comes to creating your very own creations!

Why Use Text To Symbol Converters?

There are many reasons why you would use text to symbol, especially ASL sign language. However, using braille and semaphore is mainly for fun, and not essential to communication on social media or messaging apps.

Moreover, Morse code or NATO phonetics may seem outdated, but in actual fact, it could save a life when in an emergency situation especially NATO phonetics. It’s very popular with outdoor enthusiasts!

Morse code used to be reserved for wartime use, spies and undercover police when in anonymous situations, however in today’s world, using it on social media as an effect is visually effective and fun - making it a talking point!

With 5+ styles of very distinctive means of communication through text to symbols to choose from and customise further, you should definitely try our Text Editors & Converters libraries today, and be impressed at how easy, effective and how amazingly unique the results can be!